Open Data Resources

In this post I try to briefly introduce some resources for finding data. All these resources provide data for free. Most of them are governmental agencies and provide validated and reliable data.

Historical Archives:

Satellite Products:

Earth Explorer:

  • Aerial imagery
  • Digital Elevation (DEM)
  • Lidar
  • Land Cover
  • Landsats
  • Aster
  • Modis
  • NAIP

USGS National Land Cover Data

Weather and Climate Data:

City of Denver

Buildings, parcels, census blocks, subdivisions, crime, accident, impervious surfaces, tree canopy, topography, open spaces,  and many more.

City of Boulder

Buildings, parcels, zoning, land use, etc.


Prepared census data, regional bike facilities, roads, crash data, etc.


stops, routs, park and rides, etc.

Boulder County

buildings, parcels, trails, open spaces, rivers, flood, hydrology, wildfire, zoning, etc.

USGS Hydrology Data

Census data

State of Colorado

Open Colorado

UCB Library

Lidar Data

 ESRI’s Data


written by Mehdi Heris

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