MeetUp Schedule

Lecture Speaker Date
Exporting and Importing Data (CAD/Adobe Illustrator/Rhino/GIS) Mehdi Heris and David Payne  Wednesday Oct-1-2014
Finding Data from Open Data Sources Mehdi Heris  Wednesday Oct-15-2014
Measuring Climate Parameters Mehdi Heris Wednesday Nov-12-2014
Parametric Design: understanding sun position and radiation Mehdi Heris Wednesday Nov-19-2014
Comfortable Temperature Component (ladybug-honeybee) TBA TBA
GeoSpatial Technologies for Civil Engineering  TBA TBA
GeoSpatial Technologies for Civic Engagement(mobile and web-applications)  TBA TBA
Programming Sensors Using Arduino Peyman Mortazavi and Dawson Botsford  TBA
GeoSpatial Collaboration(Open Street Map for Post-Disaster Management) Robert Soden TBA
Coding Sensors Using Arduino for Design Amir Akbari TBA
GeoDesign Program in University of Wisconsin Travis Flohr  TBA
 Your data Managed by Location Use of Spatial Data in Disaster Management (Designing an Alert System)  TBA  TBA

Integrated GeoDesign and Data-Aided Analysis