About Geo-ENVD

GeoENVD is a student group established in 2014 to support environmental design, planning, and architecture students. This group aims to promote the use of data analysis in the design process using analytic tools, spatial data, programming, and coding equipment and sensors. GeoENVD invites students, faculty, and entrepreneurs to give short enlightening talks from their progressive activities in this field. This is an open student support group. Students are welcome to bring their questions and problems to our meetings. In GeoENVD, we are very happy to collaborate with other labs, centers, and researchers.

GeoENVD works closely with faculty of CU Boulder and Denver to enhance quality of education and research through helping students and bribing fresh insights and ideas for planners and architects.

Our scope is exploring new technologies and tools of data analysis for environmental design and planning. We want to link, planning and design with data science, GIS, programming, 3D modeling, etc.

Integrated GeoDesign and Data-Aided Analysis